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Java MyBot compiling, but can't find or load main class


I have made some edits to a bot that worked before, but after several attempts at uploading, I am continually getting this error log for every game:

--- Init ---
Error: Could not find or load main class MyBot
--- Bot used 0 milliseconds ---

--- Frame #1 ---

No response received.

The bot compiles and runs successfully locally, and I am including all of the files in the zipped folder. I am getting a compile success message as well. Many other bots seem to be having a similar problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :smile:


I will look at how our servers have compiled your bot as soon as I can get to a computer.


The problem was that you had some files that were called things like ProductionBot.java, but they implemented the class MyBot.

There was a bug in our compilation system that was keeping us from reporting this compilation error. It's pushed. Am waiting for the CI to turn green. Will let you know when it's live.


Oh! Excellent, thanks! I'll get to fixing that.


The compiler error reporting fix is live.