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HaliteHelper.dll Missing


When trying to run runGame.bat I get an error that HaliteHelper.dll is missing. Where do I get this file?

Getting Started [Solved]

That file is compiled by the runGame.bat script from the HaliteHelper.cs file. Could you paste the whole output that you get from runGame.bat.


I have the same problem. This is theoutput that I get.

EDIT1: I tried pointing the bat file to the framework64 instead of framework, but that didn't help.
EDIT2: I tried downloading 4.6 .NET framework, but it said it was already installed on my computer.
EDIT3: I tried pointing it to a different csc.exe. No luck.
EDIT4: I think these may be related https://2016.forums.halite.io/t/getting-started/478/2