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Would like to see a description of input format on the website [it is]


I am trying to write my own version of networking.py and the deserializeMap function is confusing me:

def deserializeMap(inputString):
splitString = inputString.split(" ")

m = GameMap(_width, _height)

y = 0
x = 0
counter = 0
owner = 0
while y != m.height:
    counter = int(splitString.pop(0))
    owner = int(splitString.pop(0))
    for a in range(0, counter):
        m.contents[y][x].owner = owner
        x += 1
        if x == m.width:
            x = 0
            y += 1

for a in range(0, _height):
    for b in range(0, _width):
        m.contents[a][b].strength = int(splitString.pop(0))
        m.contents[a][b].production = _productions[a][b]

return m

I don't understand what the counter is doing here, and it would be very helpful if you can add a part of explanation of the input format to the website for people who want to maintain there own data structure.



Seems like you only want to send the boarder information of the owner?


It's all documented here: https://2016.halite.io/advanced_writing_sp.php


Thanks. thought it would be called API reference or something..