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Will the platform continue to be active once the tournament is over?


I discovered this site sometime ago, and I loved it, though I have been inactive for a while. It is a really nice programming puzzle and an especially fun thing to do in my free time.

The tournament ends a couple of weeks time, and I fear that the webpage will stop being active. Are there more tournaments planned for the future or something like that?



While the servers will be shut down in February, I expect many bots to be open-sourced at the conclusion of the tournament. For instance, both @nmalaguti and I will certainly do so, and with Halite's github integration, you at least know where to look for the code of any particular bot. As result, anyone wishing to continue development of their bot will be able to download several bots (your choice to peek at the source or not!) and compete against them on your local machine. I recommend @smiley1983's halite-match-manager to run the mini-tournament for you (which is what I use now for development purposes).


@erdman, that's nice, but it doesn't replace uploading your bot to the site and being automatically matched with bots of your level.