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the link to https://2016.halite.io/user.php doesn't appear on the top menu

also the top menu is not the same when in forum section and main site

Not that they should but it looks strange to have kept visualize but drop submit in the forum

Also when submitting the first ever bot it doesn't appear in the user section straight away while you receive an email, it would be good to follow the status of it ( received, compiled ....)

In the email we receive there is no reference to the name of the zip file, I just submitted two bots and received a fail on one of them without knowing which one failed ( I do but some reference would be good )


Thanks for these suggestions! They are very helpful, and we will add them to our backlog.

One note:

the link to https://2016.halite.io/user.php1 doesn't appear on the top menu

If you click on the "Halite" logo, it will take you to user.php (if logged in).


On the rankings page, it would be nice to see how many pages of rankings there are / how many people there are total.

Page 1 of X (YY participants)

or something like that.