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My visualizer does not work. All the files are always stuck on the frame 0. I am uploading the .hlt file still it doesn't work. Any help is appreciated.


Hi @codnoob,

Are you experiencing this problem on the browser version of the visualizer on Windows or the desktop-packaged version? If you're using the browser version, could you please provide some details of the browser (specifically what browser you're using and the version number) so we can attempt to replicate?

We'll try to sort this out ASAP.


Hello @Sydriax
Thank you for the reply. I am facing the problem on the browser version of the visualizer. I am using chrome: 55.0.2883.87. Also please let me know how to access the desktop- packaged version.


Could you upload one of the problem replays as well (there's an upload button in the message compose toolbar)?

I'm using that same version of Chrome on win10 without a problem.


@Janzert I can upload the file if you want but the thing is I have not been able to play even a single file on the visualizer and have had to play my past matches on the host link provided by nmalaguti. If you still think its a file specific problem I will upload one.


About all I can say locally is that using the same version browser with the demos I have around it works for me. You could try hitting ctrl-shift-i, going to the console tab and see if there is any error reported that might lead us to the problem. There will normally be quite a bit printed in the console (including at least one warning), but shouldn't be any errors.