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Visualizer is not color blind friendly


The only other suggestion I could make is keep the current red and switch it out for #4. But now I'm just being nitpicky. The red was always a good color.


My understanding is the problem with the original red (which is straight up plain red) is that it looks essentially identical to #13 the Orange 3rd from the left and also the original Orange for people with green-blindness (Deuteranopia).


Hmmmm, That makes sense. I personally don't have an issue with it but you are probably right in that others might. Good call. Looks good to me.


As a game developer myself, I am completely pro-color blindness options but I do wish to add that there are external apps that help somewhat with color blindness. I'm not color blind myself but I have wondered whether one universal tool would be better than expecting every app to adjust to 2% of the population. From my meek understanding I do believe built in tools are better? But how much better are they?


I've merged the PR @Janzert put in, the palette should be better for colorblind people such as @GrahamMThomas. Sorry it took us so long to get around to merging it.