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Visualizer is not color blind friendly


This is something kind of niche but I thought I should give the feedback. My brother and I are both colorblind and there are some colors (green, yellow, and sometimes the orange I think...) in the visualizer that make it impossible to distinguish. Just something to think about for potential changes. :stuck_out_tongue:


A round-about solution could be to have the option to "hoover" over the player name lights up her sites or vice-versa. This will allow color-blind people to distinguish players.


Changing the colors wouldn't be that hard. See https://github.com/HaliteChallenge/Halite/blob/master/website/script/parsereplay.js#L12

We can maybe add an option to use color-blind colors in the visualizer.

From http://www.somersault1824.com/tips-for-designing-scientific-figures-for-color-blind-readers/ We might want to try colors from:


Hmmm that's interesting. I'll offer a suggestion, but it's based on my type of color blindness so it may not necessarily fix the problem for everyone.
I would change the yellow color to something like this. But again, although I do have the most common type of colorblindness this solution wouldn't solve the whole problem for everybody I think.


This is definitely a good idea I think, however, once you start clashing, it becomes very hard to understand what is going on, especially if one of the bots has an odd attack algorithm.


Here is a proposed new palette (and comparison with the current one) drawn from the colors above. Would love to get feedback from anyone that has problems with the current palette.


I am also colour blind and sometimes have a lot of trouble finding my bot. One thing that I would find useful is some consistency in the colours. If I am on your site looking at a profile and I watch one of their games, it would be nice if the bot of the player I am looking at was always the same colour. Also with my own bot, It would be even better if my bot (when logged in) was also consistently coloured. So if I am playing then that dark blue is me. I think this might help other people not only those that are colourblind.


I like the look of this execpt for the 2nd and 3rd from the left. I think those are too close. However, it's difficult to tell for sure until I see it in the visualizer.


I thought the 2nd and 3rd from the left would be the most difficult to distinguish as well. But once I played a few games I think the only color I really don't care for is the darker purple.

Here's two samples showing the new colors in a game:


Ohhh yeah, It's not nearly as close in the visualizer, but the darker purple definitely needs to change. Too dark :stuck_out_tongue: Tbh i'd still like the bottom left color to be a little darker. Top left blue should be a tad darker too.


So the 3rd color there is suppose to be number 5 in the color chart shown earlier in this thread, but the chart has a typo in the rgb definition. Fixing that typo and replacing the dark purple (6) with the lighter purple (8) ends up with this:


Can you try something like this out? I feel like there isn't enough difference between the colors in the last iteration


I'm trying to stick to the color chart posted above which gives 15 colors and we have to pick 8. But #1 is black, #2, 6 and 11 are too dark in the visualizer. @truell20 doesn't like #3. :wink: And argh, I just discovered #13 also has a typo in its rgb definition, using the rgb given for 13 makes it look too much like 15...

Let me try the corrected #13 out, be right back.


Ok, so the corrected #13, pulling out #5 the lightest pink, and @truell20 was concerned the two blues were too close, so we get

Quite similiar to the original palette but hopefully significantly better for the color blind.

So that means from the chart above we are using, 4, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15.
Using 1, 2, 6 and 11 were too dark.
Using 3 sorta clashes with the background and @truell hates it :stuck_out_tongue:
Using 5 means we would have 3 pink-purples and looks somewhat washed out.
Using 9 was deemed too similar to 7.
And that's our 15 colors.


Hahah you are fantastic dude. So now we need to pick 8 of those 15?


Yes... well there are really only 10 of the 15 in contention. See my edit to the last post for the reasoning on the current selection.


Those eight you choose seem to fit pretty well for me personally. Do you have a final chart just to make sure?


Unless I goofed something that last chart above should be them.


@Janzert if the top row is the current selection, it looks great for me


Yes top row is the current proposal, bottom is what has been used up till now.