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View rank of other users


It would be really useful to be able to view the rank of other players participating in a game without having to go to their profile page. Preferably this would be available in the game feed as well. Maybe one could put a small icon next to the profile pictures of other players in the game feed which indicates which tier they are in (e.g a diamond for the diamond tier, a bronze shield for the bronze tier etc.).


I'd like to be able to know who competed in a game without opening the visualization. Maybe a tool tip with player name and rank when hovering on a player icon in the game feed?


Maybe a tool tip with player name and rank when hovering on a player icon in the game feed?

Yep. We were planning on it.


Do you want to see the ranking of the player
- at the time the game was played
- at the time you check the ranking


The latest ranking for the bot version that the game was played against would be most logical imo. That should the most accurately reflect how good that bot was.


When viewing the visualization, it would be good to output the rank or the points of all the players as well. It's nice to have a feel for the skill level of the other players when watching the replay.


Given this hasn't been done, I am guessing it is hard. Perhaps you could include this info in the replay file, in the same way/time the server overrides the bot name, you should be able to pass in the rank or division, and then just save it in the replay file. The visualiser could then display the info if available.


@janzert has added a tool tip that shows username and rank on the user.php page.


I take it this isn't live yet?


It is. Do force refresh with ctrl+shift+r to reload without the cache.


Awesome! thanks.


Suggestion: something like the above (always-on rank in the game feed) might be nice. I locally kludged it in by sticking an extra row into the table. But the tooltip is great, so this is really a nice-to-have not an essential. enjoy what's left of sunday everyone...