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Victory conditions: definition



I think documentation lacks certain details:

  1. It seems that maximum number of moves / cycles / productions is limited somehow. In my games it's sometimes 300 and sometimes 400. I guess it has to do w/ board size, but it should definitely be a part of docs. I'm happy to do the change myself, but I do need some info on the matter :slight_smile:
  2. Does a game pose some kind of time restrictions on bots? I mean, if a bot can take 5 minutes per 30x30 table, then quite some scanning and logic can be done in it. On the other hand, if answer has to be provided in < 1s, quite a different approach has to be taken. I think this should be addressed in documentation.



Both is documented here:

The game ends if one of two conditions are met:

  • Only one player has any pieces left.
  • 10 * sqrt(WIDTH * HEIGHT) turns have been played. Consequently, a small map may end after a few hundred turns, whereas a large map could take thousands.


Bots are given 15 seconds to initialize and 1 second for every subsequent turn.