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Unneeded <br> tags in visualizer


This isn't as much a bug as it is an annoyance. Could you please get rid of the
tags at the bottom of the visualizer page? They make pressing spacebar very annoying as the page scrolls down and the game goes off screen. They don't seem to be needed unless there is some edge case I couldn't find where they are useful.



I agree with this, very annoying to press the spacebar.
This dint happen to me on windows but happens only on linux. Not sure why,


Added a bit more padding to the visualizer. Let us know if this is still a problem for you.


Hi. Thanks for the quick response.

For some reason the #container div has 13
tags at the bottom causing the page to have a whole bunch of scrollable blank space at the bottom and when you push space bar it scrolls down. It seems to be happening often but not always. I'm using chrome on windows 10.


Oh ok. That is not our normal padding which is done in the resizing of our visualizer. Will investigate.


@Janzert gave me so prodding. Deleted the break tags. They should never have been there. Didn't commit it, so was confused about the bug report and had mentally filed it away as obscure.