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Unfair map generation?



In this game purple is given a much better starting spot than say teal or yellow because it had a bunch of production level 7 blocks right next to it. Is this intended?


That's odd, the worldgen normally makes everything symmetrical in one sense or another.


I'm not a maintainer, but I agree that this is a bug. I filed an issue report on github (https://github.com/HaliteChallenge/Halite/issues/313). Thanks for reporting this ... know how to fix it?


Response from @Sydriax on the ticket:

Yeah, this bug is sufficiently uncommon that we hadn't gotten around to fixing it. I'll take a look at it tomorrow, and if I don't find it then I'll fix it over the weekend for sure.

I've only ever seen 6-player maps be asymmetric -- that will probably be my launching point in searching for the bug.