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Tracking Updates and New Features


The community has been really active building tons of cool features as well as adding new features to the core halite code. Some things I've found by reading through the forums:

  • Hosted replays
  • Single player mode
  • 3D Visualization in the works
  • Starter code for a ton of languages
  • Local visualizations

Is there somewhere tracking the latest updates other than just reading through all the forum threads? I think adding a CHANGELOG to the main repo would help people discover things like single player mode, though I am not sure what the best solution is for helping people discover useful community developed tools.

For example the reason I came to the forums today was because I noticed @nmalaguti now has Kotlin listed as the bot language rather than JAR. I was wondering if Kotlin now has a starter package or if there is some way to set my language to something other than JAR.



We haven't been great about adding information about advanced features like the docs. We hope to get that out in the docs overhaul kindly authored by @nmalaguti by Monday.

In it we plan to include:
* 3rd party project list along with descriptions
* 3rd party starter packages
* Way more documentation about the build system on the servers


We could also add a new category called new features.