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TOS not mentioning Attribution for User Content


I want my work be properly attributed if made public. If I put a license in my source files requiring attribution will it be respected under the TOS?


That's a good question. You retain ownership of your code and we strive to always attribute it to you if we ever publish it and include and LICENSE file that you attach. Please not that this doesn't invalidate any usage agreements laid out in the Terms of Service. Of course, while we'd publish it with your license included, we're not responsible for the acts of 3rd parties regarding the use of the published code. Hope that clarifies things!


if we ever publish it

Wait, what? Why would you ever publish our code? We all have github accounts; if we want to release code, we can do that ourselves. I admit to not reading the TOS (nor including a LICENSE file), maybe I didn't correctly understand the purposes of this competition.