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Timeouts when I use java packaging


Hello fine people!

Im new to Halite and uploaded the default java random bot yesterday and it worked.

I imported the files in a new java project made in IntelliJ and made a few minor tweaks basically not moving until the strength was high enough and it no longer worked.

Seeing as many other players in those games were disconnecting as well, I figured it was a problem with the server. I even managed to get 1st place out of 4 once because everyone disconnected. All my games are filled with disconnects and my bot always does.


some other games :

So I reuploaded the default random java bot and guess what, the games once again progressed normally.
So then I simply changed the "package" and these issues started happening again.


Believe the reason that many people in your game were timing out was that you were matched up against the worst bots. The worst bots time out every game (side note: we will eventually stop bots that consistently time out from entering games).

As to the java packaging situation, our auto compile script assumes that your code is in the default package.

If you would like to use packaging, compile your code into a MyBot.jar file, zip your MyBot.jar with any other files you need (install.sh if you have one, etc), and submit it.


I got the same error. bots with any change will broken by system even if change just additional logic in if. Defaults files accepted without errors


Not sure if this is relevant to your problem.

Our autocompile script wasn't reporting java compile errors, but instead was allowing broken bots to play games on the server, resulting in error logs like this one:

--- Init ---
Error: Could not find or load main class MyBot
--- Bot used 0 milliseconds ---

--- Frame #1 ---

No response received.

If you resubmit the bot that had problems, our system should now give you a detailed compiler error.