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The Finals are Over!


The finals are now over! Games have finished running!

The top 10 players are:
1. @mzotkiew
2. @shummie
3. @erdman
4. @timfoden
5. @cdurbin
6. @PeppiKokki
7. @DexGroves
8. @nmalaguti
9. @moonbirth
10. @ewirkerman

Thank you all for a great competition!


Congrats to @mzotkiew for a very well deserved victory!

And congrats to everyone else!


Congrats to @mzotkiew
Thanks @nmalaguti 's wonderful tutorial, otherwise I won't know how to start.


Congratulations @mzotkiew, really looking forward to a write up on your bot!

Thanks to @truell20 and @Sydriax for the great job administrating all this.

And thanks to Two Sigma for putting this whole thing on.


Congrats to everyone! @nmalaguti and @erdman, you are still my fav! But nicely done @mzotkiew! You guys did great, and look forward to meeting you all again in future competitions!


Congrats to the winners. My final ranking was very disappointing, as my bot has been consistently Diamond, but I'm looking forward to the next competition. :wink:


Congrats to the top 10 and everyone else. Definitely had fun competing with everyone. Hope to do more competitions like this in the future. Will definitely be back for Halite 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue:


Special thanks to @nmalaguti and @erdman for all their extra hard work for the community!


Halite was a fantastic experience. We all learned a lot (i def did, right from basic js and python) , pushed the boundaries of knowledge a little, and met some great people. The organisers did an exemplary job.

The only serious defect (and it truly was serious, in the end, for players like @JWGS1) : Trueskill , plus the finals being sufficiently different from the lead-in to finals, meant : the prefinal rank wasn't a good predictor of finals rank. There's been a lot of justified grumbling about this. Why expend compute on something that is not representative of the final goal, are they moving goalposts etc etc.

My thoughts, and feel free to jump on me :

  • On one hand, It's important to not get too focused on the final result in isolation: after all , the purpose was presumably to learn and share , and for Two Sigma (and others) to build goodwill and identify great people.

  • The final rank is irrelevant, as a pointy-haired boss I'd much rather pay up to hire, talk to and learn from , someone who ranked 8, or 18 or 88 , and was exceptionally collegial and open and collaborative , rather than someone who ranked 2 but never said a word . @shummie i'm looking at you. Kidding of course! :smiley: your posts, code etc are great and if you ever are in London, drinks on me.

  • On the other hand, the finals jumble caused angst and disruption for some, involved inelegant waste of compute , and I can imagine a Google for example chuckling and saying "Amateurs, we would never have run it that way"

  • But it was a learning curve for the organisers as much as for us, they responded to problems promptly and graciously to the best of their ability, the community jumped in to help, and it's given us all great pointers on what to do and avoid for H20.

From my side, many thanks to @Sydriax @truell20 @nmalaguti and @erdman in particular, plus all those who have published code, plus everyone who participated the forum and discord chatter, and everyone else too!

The community has been really awesome and the best thing about the whole adventure. Cheers and all the best.