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Submissions are closed!


Submissions have been closed, and the rankings have been reset. Recomputing them should take a few days. We'll keep you posted.

Thank you all for such a great competition! Special thanks to @janzert, @nmalaguti, and @erdman, who have contributed lots of dev work, tools, and tutorials to the project.

I look forward to seeing who takes the crown and to reading your post mortems and bot source code.


One important q @truell20 and @Sydriax : the gameplay rate feels much slower than before (four hours after the reset my bot has played only 8 games ). I guess this is simply because everyone is seeding - but in that case how many games would each bot have played at the final deadline ? Would it broadly be the same for everyone e.g, 400 games ? Cheers !

I'm already feeling nostalgic, looking over old posts.
Hard to believe it was , in the end, only a few intense weeks for many of us. To paraphrase Tom West in The Soul of a New Machine : It was a winter romance, but that's alright : winter romances are some of the best things that ever happen.


I hope that the number of games will depend for example on the tier.


Great job guys. Fun competition, reminded me of Ants :slight_smile:
I am really busy at work, have to work extra hours. Only in the past week I got a break-through with my bot. I am happy if I finish top 100.
Looking forward next competition :smile:


That is because everyone is seeding. To speed up the ranking process, we may open up more servers and start do block lower rank players from seeding.


are you planning on writing anything up or talking about your code? I'm sure more than a few people are curious to see.


Here's where we were as of midnight EST, last night. Mzotkiew has first locked down.


Finally I have some time to work on that. I hope to release it this weekend.