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Stuck on email.php (Put in Incorrect Email)


When I logged in with github, I typed in an email I do not own on accident... Yeah I know... Anyway, I was able to get onto my forums account and change the email on it. After doing that I was able to change my email and then verify it. Great. However, now any time I try to leave the forums, I get this screen. And CANNOT leave it.

The only way I can even access the main website is if I clear my cookies. Please help, also, I didn't know whether to put this under site feedback or bugs.


Changed your email and marked you as verified. You should be good now.


Awesome, thank you for the quick response time!


You really should put a log out link/button on this page, same thing happened to me as I could not verify immediately. I ended up in a private browser for a while. We can't be the only ones.