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Spurious Timeout Issues


In this game, ALL players immediately timed out on frame 0:

Here is my error log:

--- Init ---
Unable to find image 'mntruell/halite_sandbox:latest' locally
--- Bot used 21 milliseconds ---

--- Frame #1 ---
latest: Pulling from mntruell/halite_sandbox
--- Bot used 80 milliseconds ---
Response received (if any):
latest: Pulling from mntruell/halite_sandbox
--- Bot was killed. Below is the rest of its output (if any): ---
6bbedd9b76a4: Pulling fs layer

--- End bot output ---


Yep. That bug surfaced and was patched earlier today. Looked through your recent games.

The replay that you are linking seems to be old, so I am assuming that it was from around noon EST when the bug surfaced.


I don't know if this is related to the previous timeout issues, but I had one today mid-way through a match, where everyone seems to time out within a turn or two: