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Specs of the Server


Can i know what kind of Specs the server has ?

I want to know this because even though my bot gets a TIMEOUT on my local machine it seems to be running fine when I submit.

1 sec on your server = X sec on an intel i7 4th Gen laptop processor

If you could tell me approximately what X could be that would give me an idea as to how far I can push my bot


Game server and sandbox specs are given here. The gist of it is:

All compilation and game execution is done on AWS EC2 m3.medium servers running Ubuntu 14.04. They have the following specs: 3.5 GB of RAM, ~10 GB of disk space, 1 CPU
Bots are given 250 MB of RAM and equal amounts of CPU.

We don't list the m3.medium's processor on that page, but believe that it is the Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 (source).