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./run.sh: ruby: not found


Hi there,

I just got a timeout message, with the following error log:

 --- Init ---
./run.sh: 2: ./run.sh: ruby: not found
 --- Bot used 0 milliseconds ---
 --- Frame #1 ---

No response received.

This is the first time that it ever happened. Did something change? Or perhaps it's a transient thing again. In any case, reporting it.


Transient thing, and I'm getting it too.


Forgot to update this thread. A worker ran out of storage and so did not install the full sandbox. That's why ruby and go weren't there. Took the renegade server offline just before noon EST and submitted a ruby starter bot under my account. I have had no timeouts, so I assume that the problem is resolved.


OK. Next time I'll wait a bit before posting reports. I was on top of it this time :slight_smile:.