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Request for adjusted colors for the color blind


This is not a bug report; if anything, it is I who has the bug. My color blindness is getting in the way. So regard it as a request.

I often have real trouble distinguishing the colors in the Visualize screen; it is troublesome for the map and outright hopeless for the graphs. I would really appreciate an option to set very distinct colors which even I can distinguish. Would you mind considering this?


As a temporary workaround for the offline visualizer, replacing parsereplay.js with this gives you a fixed colorscheme:

The colours are defined near the top of that file, so you can edit them manually. If you download the visualizer for offline viewing and then replace that file, it seems to work.


Thanks for the quick response to this quirk of mine :-). Will have a look if this option works for me.

I also consider the online Visualize page more important in this respect.