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Here is my repo:

It is a terrible mess and I don't feel like cleaning it. I have tried some pretty exotic NN architectures (parallel layers, atrous convolutions...), they are all under the ML folder.

Additionally here is the s3 bucket where I stored some of my trained models:



My #12 ML bot code with a full write up! Let me know what you guys think, thanks for a great competition!


Mine is here:
Short writeup is here:


A little late, but I finished my writeup:


Gold, rank 36


My source and mini-writeup: https://github.com/cdurbin/halite-bot


@cdurbin - that was a nice climb you did in the final rankings.


Thanks - I noticed that my skill line looked really different than everyone else's in the analysis you put together. I should probably try to link to that image in my write-up.

I think the story for that is kind of straightforward. My focus on the last day of the challenge was to make changes specifically for competing against the top bots especially with 5 and 6 player maps.

Those changes made me better when playing against a bunch of players that all try to avoid breaking through borders, but worse on 1 on 1 and when competing against other diamond and gold players.

Also some of my very first games in the finals randomly happened to include @fohristiwhirl and a couple other top players. I had a 6th place finish in one of them, and it took a long time to recover from that point.


Wow, I can't believe how the meta game has evolved. Super interesting to read all of your write-ups. Congratulations to all of you for exploring the intricacies of Halite, and of course the creators for creating a seemingly simple game that turned out to be quite complex.

Here's my source code and short write-up https://github.com/djma/halite-bot. It's ugly, don't look.


@cdurbin , imo (assuming it's stored somewhere), the chart of your leaderboard place would def be more informative than the chart of your score :smiley:


I've got mine up:


82nd place, gold ranking.