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Hello All,
Halite is very entertaining, but as the challenge is nearing its end, I wonder if you know about any other AI competition out there that still has an active leaderboard?
I know of these three interesting websites for example:


Thanks for your answer!


There are a couple AI challenges on CodinGame: https://www.codingame.com/home


There is also https://leekwars.com/


Have a look at http://russianaicup.ru/

The main part is over, but sandbox is still active.
Quick start: http://russianaicup.ru/p/quick
Rules: http://russianaicup.ru/s/1482846016574/assets/documentation/codewizards2016-docs-en.pdf?rnd
Sample battle: http://russianaicup.ru/game/view/230324
Next contest will start in the November.


generals.io now officially supports bots, and was inspired by Halite. http://dev.generals.io/

Note that if you have not played generals, wait to do so until AFTER halite ends - that game is like crack.


Thanks everyone, I guess I'll soon have some busy week-ends...
Link to a similar and recent HackerNews post :