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Only new bots are competing?


It looks like @erdman and @timfoden recently submitted new bots (they've got less than ~400 games played) and they have played several games in the last hour. Whereas myself and @djma haven't played any since yesterday. Is there a reason?


Those time stamps are from a couple days ago. Mine hasn't played since hitting 400 games. @timfoden would have also stopped at 400, except he was pulled into 12 more games by my bot. Edit: and then one more game seeded by @nmalaguti.

But, yes, I think once you hit 400 games, you'll only get a new game if pulled into one by a "seed" bot with fewer than 400 games.

Edit 2: But also, there is something up that is causing a slower pace of play, even among those with <400 games, like @DexGroves and @nmalaguti. Not sure what that it, but I've alerted @truell20 and @Sydriax.


Thanks for the alert. Looks like some of our servers were downed today. Will put them back up and investigate.

EDIT: Everything is up.