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Is the Login bugged?


I literally had to login every time i visited the website. One second back i was taking a look at someone's profile and then i go to https://2016.halite.io and I was logged out. Is this intended?
Also, this mostly only occured when I directly navigated to https://2016.halite.io and not on any other page.


Hasn't been happening to me. What browser and operating system are you using?

Note: If you log out of the forums, you will be logged out of your account on halite.io.


I am using chrome on Windows 7. This doesn't happen on any other website. I didn't log out of the forum as well. This (automatic logout) seems to happen after some random interval of time, sometimes right away, and sometimes after a while.


Mine is similar, I stay logged into the forum, but to look at my bot I need to log in almost every time. I am using linux with mozilla.