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Introducing (unofficial) Halite single-player mode


Nice job!

Any luck on beating 54 frames on the small map? That one seems deceptively easy to top, but I kept getting stuck at 54.


The same bot gets 61 frames on that map. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


@jheilema-nerdery, nice job. Site isn't letting me edit the top banner anymore (maybe @truell20 can do it), but improving on the old record by 3 frames is amazing. Hope you post you bot code to github, I'd like to understand it in more detail. I'm also looking forward to @mzotkiew's writeup and code ... he had some innovative mining / exploration that could do well on SPM.

I have a "gauntlet" of 20-25 SPM maps that I kept in a script, they are a good variety of different kinds of maps. I also kept track of what my best scores have been on each. If there's interest, I can post it, if ppl want to compete on a bunch of different maps?


I'm holding off on posting my code for now because my company is running an internal private server for our winter code challenge next week. But maybe the week after? :smiley:


My best scores are 160 and 54


1488384716-123456789.hlt (3.3 MB) Edit: this isn't my Finals bot, just a new one for single player mode. It is awful at combat.

150 frames. (we're allowed to ignore zero production frames, right?)