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How to test without uploading to Visualize


Is there a way to test locally?

Downloadable Visualization Software?

If you are in a Linux environment you can download the page and all of its dependencies with the following command.

wget --page-requisites http://halite.io/local_visualizer.php

In the download folder you can drag the .php file into a browser. Will work exactly the same as the website's page.


Thanks. One suggestion I have is to be able to test without having to drag the file. Maybe a flag to pass into the run shell script that can auto open the page with the hlt already loaded.


I would like that too. Or maybe being able to provide a parameter to the URI with the path to the hlt file. Anything like that, as long as it is scriptable, would be great.


That would be very nice. Maybe I'll do that.


Or even better - ability to code the bot online with an online editor and save the bot that way without having to upload.


I would prefer to being able to completely develop offline. Beeing dependant on WiFi could be a show stopper for some people :slight_smile:
Also yesterday evening I experienced some delays loading the site and its cool to not have to wait, because I can do everything on my site.

A big plus from me for providing all the needed assets so far.


Remember to not include the . when you copy the link......


Sorry, fixed the extra '.'


We are looking into making a local version of the visualizer available through electron. We would add a flag to the game environment that would automatically visualize a game when it's done running.


I made a visualizer in electron; it is cross-platform and works offline.
I have currently submitted a pull request and it should soon be up.


A beta local, electron visualizer will be posted here. Once confirmed stable and some features are added, it will be put up on the site. Big thanks to @FlyingGraysons for kicking off the PR.




Thanks for these, with the linux version, it works fine when I drop the first replay on it, but when I drop the second replay it instead gives me the json text. would it be possible to give me a spot somewhere that we can drop the next replay onto so I can watch one replay after another.


Sure. We'll add that. For the time being, you can use ctrl+r to reload the visualizer after having dropped a replay file into it.


Thanks, In the meantime I will try crtl-r. (I thought there would be another way I just couldn't find it)


Any way to visualize a replay via command line or something yet? I'd love to automate that step as part of my toolchain/build process.


Any way to visualize a replay via command line or something yet? I'd love to automate that step as part of my toolchain/build process.

In the pipeline. Will be out ASAP. Feel free to send a PR.


just to let you know, control-r does not seem to work, not sure what I am doing wrong, or perhaps it is a windows only thing, to a shortcut you have configured on your computer. I am still surviving though, I just upload to the web where I also have to reload.

I would add the visualise to the end of the 'run' shell script, if I could work out how to capture the file name, and the visualiser accepted the file as a parameter...


I'm kind of new at this and I don't know which file to upload to the visualizer. I'm coding it in Java. I've tried uploading the whole .zip file but it doesn't do anything, just a blank screen. Which file do I upload?