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Game with bots doing the exact same thing


I'm getting enough games like the following to start wondering about it:

Game with cloned bots?

The opponent moves are identical. How can this be? I can think of the following reasons:

  1. There is an obvious method of move selection which most players hit on. In that case, phooey on your inventiveness.
  2. These bots are a downloadable demo program which nobody cares to change. Phooey applies again.
  3. These bots are the same player with different accounts. I wouldn't know why you want to do that, but it isn't permitted anyway.
  4. Somehow, one of the bots is used for several accounts, overriding the actual bots.

Of these, 1 and 2 I don't care about, 3 should be followed by expulsion. So, I have to ask about 4, which would be a potential bug: Can you please verify that this is not possible? Double and triple check to eliminate this scenario? Thanks in advance.

But perhaps you have other explanations, please share.


It's case 2. Aside from Red, they're all using OverkillBot from here:


Red being me. Mine, I mean. I identify with my bot too much.

OK, so lack of resourcefulness then. The only gripe left being that my metal-jacketed bot didn't grind that/those standard bot(s) to dust. But I suppose you won't be accepting that as a bug report?

Thanks for the clarification!