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Error logs : "unable to find image...'



It seems that many of my latest games crashed. The crash happens to all the players, everyone crashes at the same time. I've looked at other players replays, it seems to be happening quite a lot.

The typical log error message that I have is the following, and it really has nothing to do with my code I believe:

     --- Init ---
Unable to find image 'mntruell/halite_sandbox:latest' locally
 --- Bot used 0 milliseconds ---
 --- Frame #1 ---
latest: Pulling from mntruell/halite_sandbox
 --- Bot used 0 milliseconds ---
Response received (if any):
latest: Pulling from mntruell/halite_sandbox
 --- Bot was killed. Below is the rest of its output (if any): ---
6bbedd9b76a4: Pulling fs layer
fc19d60a83f1: Pulling fs layer
de413bb911fd: Pulling fs layer
2879a7ad3144: Pulling fs layer
668604fde02e: Pulling fs layer
4b7168d12000: Pulling fs layer
44d0a03c0e63: Pulling fs layer
89990ceeb322: Pulling fs layer
c5ff6fbf0f02: Pulling fs layer
0fbdc183e4ae: Pulling fs layer
67f7c1620917: Pulling fs layer
051b27ec1bad: Pulling fs layer
1417dabf093b: Pulling fs layer
d097eb2fc90a: Pulling fs layer
15a23281bda5: Pulling fs layer
39e39cc9a772: Pulling fs layer
11ffae42010f: Pulling fs layer
11ffae42010f: Waiting
2879a7ad3144: Waiting
668604fde02e: Waiting
4b7168d12000: Waiting
44d0a03c0e63: Waiting
89990ceeb322: Waiting
c5ff6fbf0f02: Waiting
0fbdc183e4ae: Waiting
67f7c1620917: Waiting
051b27ec1bad: Waiting
1417dabf093b: Waiting
d097eb2fc90a: Waiting
15a23281bda5: Waiting
39e39cc9a772: Waiting

 --- End bot output ---



I have received the same errors, such as in Replay.

Thanks for looking at this issue!


Just an update: I don't really know why, but it seems that each crash is counted as a win for my bot, so I am currently climbing the leaderboard way too fast. I really think that this problem can scramble a lot the rankings.


Should be fixed now. Thanks for notifying us.


I just saw another instance at 11:04: https://2016.halite.io/api/web/errorLog?errorLogName=4-1479582270.log


And possibly related, another error about missing libstdc++:
./MyBot: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.21' not found (required by ./MyBot)



Changes were still being applied. All applied now. Should be good. Thanks for notifying us.


Great, thanks! And thanks for hosting this contest :slight_smile: