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Do games with Server Errors count in the ranking calculation


Sometimes a bot mysteriously ends a game principally due to server problems like docker errors etc..

Do such games get excluded from the ranking process or can one assume that given they are relatively infrequent such events will be deemed insignificant in the overall outcome?

I do appreciate that given the success of halite maybe the amount of server power has been somewhat demanding.
Nevertheless, well done for an outstanding programming challenge.


And if they do count, what determines who comes first, second and third in a game where everyone times out? https://2016.halite.io/game.php?replay=ar1486995353-366337746.hlt


In the event that the turn limit is reached or multiple bots are destroyed on the same turn, they are ranked based on their territory at that point in the game. If there is a tie in the amount of territory each bot possesses, the full territory integral is used as the tiebreaker, although this is a rare occurence.

And, although undocumented, in the event of a full tie in every way, the order is the reverse order of the players.


Alice vs Bob vs Cathy where all have identical territory and all timeout on the same turn = Cathy in 1st, Bob in 2nd, Alice in 3rd. Since the first player in the list is the seeding player, the seeding player comes in last in this case.