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Congratulations to all


As the CTO of Two Sigma, I've been incredibly pleased as to the quality of Halite, the quality of the game play, and the depth of the discussions on this forum.

And, I'd like to thank all who participated: First and foremost, game creators Benjamin Spector and Michael Truell. It's amazing what high school students can do! Also, the other contributors from Two Sigma and Cornell - Eric Abrego, Matt Adereth, Jaques Clapauch, Trammel Hudson, Emily Malloy, Arnaud Sahuguet, and Scott Spinner. But I really want especially to thank the many who posted really terrific software enhancements, additions, tutorials, algorithms, and the like. The community that has come together, through computer science and the free exchange of ideas and software is an inspiration to me and my colleagues. Its diversity is also quite remarkable, ranging from ~80 self-identified high school students to Ph.D.'s... And, with submissions from many countries around the world.

As Emily Malloy and others have written, Two Sigma expects to utilize the game infrastructure and catalyze a new, even more fun, challenging, and educational version of Halite. We are hoping for a Fall Release. So Halite Lovers, be not sad; just get some rest for a while.

At Two Sigma, we are very focused on adding to the skill and excitement of the computer science community, and we're glad the Halite competition has contributed to this.

Alfred Spector


The game organizers have done a fantastic job on Halite. It's been very well run.

The challenge itself is hits a very hard to find spot where it's easy to get something working and get good results, and yet is deep enough that I don't think it's been "solved" even in this contest.

Well done!