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Competetion deadline


I thought the competition ended on February 2nd. Why is my bot still being put to fight with other bots after midnight?


We extended the deadline for submissions to 11:59 pm EST on February 12th to allow students who went to our Halite Hackathon last weekend to finish their bots. After February 12th, our backend will continue to run games until the rankings have stabilized (about two days), and then the results will be final.

We are also working on plans for a new and improved AI Challenge approximately 6 months from now. We should be able to give you more info on that before February 12th. Stay tuned!


There is a significant difference in TrueSkill ranking depending on whether the bot is seeding or not (see how mzotkiew was significantly ahead while seeding but has dropped since). Will all bots be configured to seed during this time?


Yes. They will.


This contest has been great and I'm really pleased to hear that you will be running it again. I think there is room for improvement in a number of areas and I would definitely recommend soliciting feedback - please drop me an email if you want my input (from the perspective of an ML competitor).


With the varying timezones, what time is the last submission allowed?


EST. Have edited my original post.


I'm assuming that you mean Midnight 2/13, or 11:59 pm 2/12 right?


I am a little confused about the competition. After February 12th, will Halite completely shut down? Or is it just the end of the competition, meaning people can still play with Halite afterwards, but their bot doesn't count for the competition? I would just hate to see Halite go completely in a week, especially because I found out about it so late.


Yes. Midnight 2/13 aka or 11:59 pm 2/12.


The website will certainly stay up. It is not yet entirely clear how many (if any) servers will stay up, but the website will without doubt.


In general (@JWGS1 and all others) if you have ideas or feedback regarding the competition or future ones, we encourage you to send them to us at halite@halite.io -- we'd love to see!


Great, will do. :wink: