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Cannot simulate game? [Not a Bug, Solved]


I extracted the starter package (python) and placed halite.exe within the folder. When I run runGame.bat, I get:
python MyBot.py
python RandomBot.py

Nothing else happens. The .hlt file does not show up in the folder. I don't know what I'm missing.


If you just type "python" in the command line, does it find the python executable?
If not, you have to make sure that Python is installed and added to the path.


Python wasn't in the path. Thanks.


What do you mean type "python" in the command line? I have the same problem but how do I make sure if Python is installed and added to the path?


Open up command prompt and type in 'python' without quotes. If python doesn't run, reinstall python and make sure that the option to add python to PATH is checked.