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API reference missing



I could not find any API reference to understand clearly the input/output is it hidden somewhere?

I look forward to play


Are you talking about the networking between bots and the environment? If so, I think "Writing Your Own Starter Package" is what you are looking for.


Yes this is it

Again, there is a lot clicking around to get information. Not a criticism but the learn section is in my view slightly confusing.

I would suggest step by step samples for a handful of basic strategies manipulating the different functions and parameters.

I could not find the info on maximum production of a tile either, is it capped to 4?

Some example of easy strategy to put in the learn section:
while true, grab the biggest producer on the map
while true, go to closest enemy
while true, grab the 4 corners ( to help understand map behavior )


Thanks for the feedback regarding the reference materials. We'll try to make it a little more intuitive.
Regarding the maximum production of a tile, it varies from map to map but is always between (inclusively) 6 and 15.