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After Halite, what's next?


So you're roaming around these ghost forums, waiting for Halite2 to arrive. Why not start your own multi player AI programming challenge?
As a start, here is an AI Arena where you can implement your variation of Halite or other game. Similar to the Halite environment, it is implemented in c++ to be fast, and allows participating bots in any programming language.
One big difference with Halite though, is that after each turn, your bot will receive a reward. This way your bot can learn and improve as it plays, just like in a classical reinforcement learning setup.
Furthermore, instead of playing one game at a time, the environment lets bots play any number of consecutive games. Each bot can remember its state and what it has learned, to allow it to improve game after game.

This adds a new aspect to the challenge. Instead of simply playing the game and seeing who is best in a single game, the meta-challenge is to see which bot is the fastest learning and fastest to adapt to its opponents.

See if you can defeat the random bot in the example game that is already implemented there. Or better, derive from the code to create your own multi player AI challenge.

Good luck and have fun!


There are also other games similar to Halite that you can test your strategies on. http://dev.generals.io has a large player base and a dedicated bot server. We also have things like https://www.codingame.com for other AI challenges.

I think there was a thread somewhere with a whole list.