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Add Julia support to the server


Hi, I've written a Julia Starter Package but the server doesn't support Julia, which is quite disappointing to me! Can I ask for Julia support for the server?


Yes! We can add it to our sandbox.


Can you provide the link?
I am going to add a section on the Forum.


Sure. This is in my fork of Halite. I've already created a PR for this.


Hi, I've written a bot in Julia - is this language supported on your servers yet?

Many thanks.


New user here--would love to see Julia added to the servers!


Same here!


For people who are waiting for this, the PR is at https://github.com/HaliteChallenge/Halite/pull/194. I guess they are finishing Julia support but don't know when exactly it will be done.


I noticed the Julia branch had gotten a bit out of date, so I create a PR (to the PR) that restores it to a state where it can be cleanly merged.

Personally, I'm still interested in seeing Julia support and would be willing to lend a helping hand in this regard if it is needed.


Thanks very much @jballanc.

The reason it never got done is that it just didn't seem to work on the servers. Paging @truell20 to give more detail on the precise issue.

We'd love any help or suggestions.



Was with an older PR. Wasn't with the branch @jballanc has proposed. I'll take a look at his.


Julia support is now on the server. Thanks for the PR and the prodding @jballanc.


Thank you to @xukai92 for the starter package


Awesome! Thanks @truell20 for the merge. I'll try to get a Julia bot posted in the next day or so and let you know if I run into any issues.


Thanks very much @jballanc!