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5GB .hlt files to train on


I have downloaded 2,095 games of @erdman, @djma @nmalaguti, @timfoden and @daniel-shields for anyone interested. Use it to train ML strategies or try to reverse engineer them :smiley:. 5.14GB uncompressed, 468MB compressed.

From terminal, download and uncompress like so:

wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/uq8peg023a5vnkj/replays.zip?dl=0
unzip replays.zip?dl=0


Thanks for creating this archive, it's definitely something I'm interested in exploring but the link just seems to bring me to a blank page. Are you sure the permissions are set properly?


Here is a direct link so you don't have to deal with Dropbox's bullshit: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/uq8peg023a5vnkj/replays.zip?dl=0


I have updated the archive to contain 5GB .hlt instead of only 2GB. If anyone was using to train their bots on, feel free to try it with more data!