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3 users vanish on the first step, despite move 0


Hi Mods,
In this game, 3 users (including myself!) vanish on the first round , despite selecing move 0


When i locally run the same game (30x30, 5 bots, same seed), the game starts in the same places, and proceeds as normal. Could someone wiser than me take a look? perhaps i am doing something silly but i can't see what.
@yulunli and @acouette , the other affected users , might want to take a look as well.
cheers and what a fantastic game this is turning out to be!


There was probably a server glitch I had a match that was similar
https://2016.halite.io/game.php?replay=ar1482210628-234866828.hlt where I was clearly in my death throws then at move 175 everyone else disconnected/timed out.


More light (maybe) - i've only seen this issue with my python bots.
An exact replica of my python bot in js hit around 100 (to be precise i did the js one first, and then replicated in python. Locally, they have the same trueskill after 600++ games, but here the python bot is 60-80 less than the js bot, maybe 48 hrs time separation).

So i wonder if some python bots are more susceptible to server glitches and are getting dragged down as a result. I'll switch back to js for a while. a pity, as python was much more compact for this exercise. Curly braces for the win!


I've been seeing issues in several of my games since last night. I'm pretty sure there is a server issue and does not have anything to do with what language our bots are using (mine is using Clojure).


Good info, thanks @cdurbin I only have a python bot in play at the moment so i thought it was the language.. just to experiment i'll resubmt the js bot . FOR SCIENCE :smiley: